Apartment in Hazmieh



3 Reception
1 Dining Room
1 Living Room
4 Bedrooms
1 Kitchen
Maid Room with bathroom
4 parking spots
6 bathrooms
1 Balcony
Heating units
Marble Floor
Video Phone
Double Vitrage
1 Storage Room
City and sea view
Satellite – Internet
Hot water tank

Reference : P-265
Phone number : 961 70 635 692
Email address: Info@pglrealestate.com
Website : www.PGLrealestate.com

General Specifications:

• Anti-seismic structure
• Sound and heat insulated double external walls
• Guardian room with kitchen &bathroom in ground floor
• Sound insulated electrical generator for the building
• Videophone on both building entrances
• 4 cameras,2 at each building entrance
• Water heating by Solar energy panels, boilers & electrical system
• Common water tank at roof & basement floors
• Individual water tank 2000 liters for each apartment
• Roof floor water insulated and fully tiled to slope for water & heat protection
• Storage room for each apartment in 2nd basement floor


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