Mar Mikhael

$4,000 Per meter


Under construction project in Mar Mikhael Achrafieh , Offices and apartments

A heaven for residents to live or work from, easily accessible and centrally located, to and from all ports, markets, restaurants, and nightlife. A carved out, private niche of easily convertible and flexible space for effortless day to day living.

Located in Mar Mikhael an exciting neighborhood and trademark of urban renovations, it ensures great benefits to all of its residents.
One of the trendiest neighborhoods in Beirut, it boasts the appetite with its rich variety of restaurants, shops, architecture and enticing art galleries.
A fast paced foot trafficked place where art aficionados flock, this neighborhood offers great intimacy meshed with a metropolitan edge.

New construction, developed to provide its residents valuable amenities where demand is surpassing supply. With plenty of storage space, individual parking spots, and the mixed use of commercial and residential realty.
Designed and built as an L-shape with 6 elevators to access 18 individual floors, and two distinct entrances splitting its commercial and residential facets as vantage points, Portview pioneers modern construction.

The first 10 floors secure a responsive retail and office market, whereas the rest of the building provides for residences with a great skyline, private terraces, and unobstructed sea side views. The project offers great modular and flexible layouts with undisrupted flow, feel, and function.

The retail space will entice attention and cater to any individualized layout, placement or display of merchandise. Built to fit, the space ranges from 92 to 734 sqm, on the ground floor with clear heights of 5.75 meters, basements and mezzanines. It is designed to ensure maximum exposure and act as a high-impact and first impression vehicle to all coordinated lighting, fixtures and colors. A real means of transition from the outside world through waiting areas, comfy seat, benches, or personal space and onto high profit and high demand items, signage or placed carts.

Office spaces  target single tenant companies, small professional offices and everything in between. Appearance matters, and these commercial units are as good as it gets, and the new construction and great utility only emphasize the aesthetic appeal and commercial agility to attract attention and concentrate focus, Built with extensions or terraces, ranging from 77 to 783 sqm,


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